January 26-27, 2024

Gainesville, Florida


At the Fifth Annual Sunshine State Book Festival, immerse yourself in a captivating celebration of books and the love of reading. This two-day event, which promises to be a literary treat, will take place on January 26–27, 2024, against the picturesque background of Gainesville, Florida.


Experience the colorful world of literature as readers, writers, and book lovers from all over the world come together for the Sunshine State Book Festival. You’ll be surrounded by the comfort of shared tales and the thrill of unearthing fresh literary gems as soon as you enter this paradise for readers.


Beginning on January 26, the festival invites you to discover the joys of literature through thought-provoking panel discussions, captivating author talks, and book signings where you can meet the creative brains behind your favorite works. There is something for everyone at the Fifth Annual Sunshine State Book Festival, regardless of your level of experience with books.


The celebrations resume on January 27 and provide more chances to interact with writers, readers, and the vibrant literary community. Take part in thought-provoking conversations, peruse a wide range of books, and take in the vibrant environment that makes this festival a highlight of Gainesville’s cultural calendar.


Make sure to put a weekend full of literary exploration and camaraderie on your calendars, and join us. You will be inspired and motivated to spread your love of books by the Fifth Annual Sunshine State Book Festival, which is more than just an event. Allow Gainesville’s literary sunlight to brighten your January days! See you there!