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Kimberly Padgett-Morrison, an exceptional and humorous writer from Jacksonville, Florida, enthralls readers with her wise and insightful writing. Having worked as an award-winning marketer for an incredible 25 years, Kimberly brings a distinct viewpoint as an African-American woman living in the South to her writing. In addition to her career achievements, she is proud of her duties as a loving wife, mother, sister, friend, and daughter. Kimberly deftly examines the tapestry of her life in her debut piece, “Crisp White Shirt,” exploring fashion, aspirations, and the subtle subtleties of life. This intriguing Coming of Middle Age story demonstrates her talent for combining comedy, introspection, and social commentary, which gives readers an inside look at the storyteller’s thoughts and a genuine and elegant narrative.

Crips White Shirt by Kimberly Morrison

About The Author

Kimberly Padgett Morrison

As an artistic thread woven across the complex mosaic of life, Kimberly Padgett-Morrison’s work shines as a literary beacon in Jacksonville, Florida. She is a master of language, as evidenced by how her words dance across the pages. They are thoughtful, humorous, and thought-provoking. A trailblazer in the storytelling industry, Kimberly is an award-winning marketer with over twenty-five years of expertise. She invites readers to enter the enchanted world of her life, perspective through her words.

Growing up in the mostly All Black Northside of Jacksonville Florida provides the foundation of a life of prospective and pride. My writings start with the lens of an African American Women raised in the South who is well read, well educated but still angry at the residue left by history.
My writing is an attempt to bring intention and exposure to the journey of a woman who looks like me.

As the daughter of a career educator and fair housing professional Kimberly is the daughter of the written word, history, access and representation. As a marketer, fashion stylist and public speaker the completion of her first published work is just the beginning of a natural progression.

Kimberly’s story is a poetic voyage, an investigation of her journey as an African-American woman in the soulful embrace of the South, told by an experienced traveler down the corridors of creation. Every phrase in her first book, “Crisp White Shirt,” is a stepping stone that leads readers through the maze of identity, resiliency, and the nuanced details of self-discovery.
Beyond just being a writer, Kimberly Padgett-Morrison is a master of language, creating stories that entice readers to explore the depths of her soul. The ordinary meets the extraordinary in “Crisp White Shirt,” a literary milestone that transcends the commonplace and beckons readers to take a soul-stirring voyage across its pages. The journey is told in an evocative symphony of words.

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