Kimberly Padgett Morrison is the award winning Marketer, Fashio Stylist, Public Speaker and Author. She currently serves as Director of Marketing and Donor Relations of Sulzbacher.
As a featured writer on the Hallmark Mahogany platform. Ms. Morrison is an Introspective writer adding history, culture and humor to every piece. Her first book Crisp White Shirt” is a Coming of Middle Age story that embraces a life lived with style, standards and etiquette as the Foundation. Kimberly finds It damn sear ephoric to follow protocols and processes. “Crisp White Shirt brings the reader in this Black Girls Style and Standards.
Ms. Morrison’s greatest moments are when she reflects on my family consisting of being the proud wife of retired Navy Senior Chief Douglas Morrison and, mother to my 26 year old Neuroscientist daughter, Morgan and to 20 year old son Jonathon who is a college student and aspiring filmmaker. Growing up on the Northside of Jacksonville and she still calls the Northwest Quadrant of the city bone. Affectionately called The Bangen Duval county served as a great training ground for Black Excellence. Participating in Think Bold provides the access and opportunities In turn elevating the culture her Is Jacksonville, FL.
Ms Morrison is committed to serving the community through my church St. Gabriel’s Episcopal and my sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. lac. and the Bold City (FL) Chapter of The Links Incorporated. I am also a current member of the board of directors of the Family Foundations of Northeast Fl., Inc., serving on the promotions committee, financial sustainability committee and choir of the promotes committe
la 2018 I was recognized by Zimmer Biomer’s Women’s Inspired Network with the Strategic Leader Award for outstanding achievement in business transformation. Other honors include being nominated for the prestigious AbbVie Emerging Leader award and the Abbott Award of Excellence for advances in marketing analytics. Kimberly also mentors and coaches on marketing and business related topics in the community.
I hold an MBA from Colorado Technical University, and a B.A. degree In Marketing from Colorado Technical University.

She ROCKS It Magazine-Women’s History Month Edition 2024

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